Application Portfolio

Helping you to build a complete picture of your application estate

Let us build an application portfolio view of your estate, collect application information.
  • Objectives and Engagement
  • Application Inventory Creation
  • Application Survey via Online Survey
  • Application Portfolio Roadmap
  • Cloud Service Selection
  • ROI Analysis

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Q: What data do you require to deliver the Rapid Assessment?

A: See our data import schema. Click Here

Q: Does your company following any quality management standards?

A: Yes we hold a number of certifications, Click Here

Q: Is this a fixed cost assessment?

A: Yes, we offer a fixed cost assessment, no hidden charges. 

Q: How do you manage the process?

A: We run our assessments in a Sprint based approach, fully managed using automation and workflow tools coupled with our own cloud assessment platform.

Q: Why should we use you vs. another larger company?

A: We are a small company, that is true, but that is what makes us different. We focus on outcomes and customer satisfaction, and we need you to be happy, as that is our way of growing. We are also independent and have no affiliation with cloud or tech providers.