Junkshon - Manager

Cloud financial operations management. Powered by JunkshonAI.

Junkshon Manager frees organisations from the burden of building and implementing complex cost management roadmaps, training teams, or hiring in-house cloud cost experts by offering the right governance and support to bring financial accountability, efficient cost optimisation, greater cost visibility and resiliency across the organisation.


  • Multi-cloud cost visibility
  • Cost reports
  • Forecast & budget tracking¬†
  • Utilisation monitoring
  • Cost optimisation¬†
  • Cost savings recommendations
  • Operational data analysis
  • Automated roadmap creation


  • Minimise financial risk
  • Offers faster impact
  • Ensure higher cost visibility
  • Creates financial accountability
  • Prevents cloud sprawl
  • Provides access to rich experience
  • Cost effective solution
  • AI driven automation, reducing manual steps, reducing cost

Process Framework

System Overview

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